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Learn by playing with Lemon Ribbon

2021-06-16 08:20:49 UTC

Learn by playing with Lemon Ribbon

Especially in the first few months it is very important that babies feel and experience love, affection and joy. The best thing for babies is when their parents talk and play with them and touch them with care and affection. Babies discover the world by playing and using all their senses.

Early learning experiences can and should be supported by toys, as these will help babies to use their own senses.

Do you know that?!...

You should provide age-appropriate toys for the baby. The toys will serve to gently stimulate the senses and movement of the baby who, over time, will try to reach out and grab them.

They must have different textures, colors and make different sounds, so that the baby can feel it on the skin, see and hear.

All products are designed for very specific ages and sensory perceptions. Each item mentions on the packaging the age for which it is intended.