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Development stages 0-3 months

2021-06-16 08:10:29 UTC

Development stages 0-3 months

The baby's first months of life are a time for many learnings and everything is new!

Did you know that even in the mother's womb, the baby starts to hear voices, music and other sounds that

become familiar and that after birth they are recognized and convey security to the baby, since still not able to see?


Only a month after birth does the baby begin to be able to concentrate on an object, and then people and objects with the look.

Colors: As soon as they begin to see, babies begin to distinguish between black and white. Only then they start to distinguish the primary colors, in the following order: red, yellow, blue and the green.

It's a good idea to make your environment colorful, as bright colors stimulate babies since early! Our Collection includes the most colorful stuffed toys :)