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Development stages 3-6 months

2021-06-16 08:12:44 UTC

Development stages 3-6 months

The joy of movement

Gradually, the baby stays awake for more hours during the day, and at these times devotes your energy to exploring your surroundings! As soon as you see an object, reach out your hand and tries to grab...on the other hand, it also starts to squeal and make sounds to show its satisfaction and get our attention.

This is a time for new achievements and discoveries, which can be exciting but also very tiring! Be aware of your baby's sleep signals if he starts to lean you, rubbing your eyes or ears, you will most likely need to rest. if you can identify these signs in advance, you will be able to put your baby to bed and put him to sleep more calmly, without getting irritated and overly tired.


Any sound stimulates the baby, whether rattles, rattles or music, will soothe, make you smile and fascinate your baby - convey pleasure and confidence!

By 6 months, the baby is able to grip the toys well, in a firmer and more delicate way, and pass them from one hand to the other! We have a responsibility to encourage our babies' natural curiosity, for this to happen they must establish a relationship with one object at a time and not be flooded with toys at the same time! It's not the amount of toys at the same time, but explore a toy and let it flood your senses!

For the baby's curiosity to remain and not lose the desire to know what surrounds him, you need to take in the world little by little and feel confidence and support in this arduous task.

Do you know that?!...

The rattle is a sonic toy that catches children's attention! And its main objective is to develop auditory and rhythmic perception.

Once the baby can hold the objects, the most important toy is the rattle. With this toy, he tries to reproduce sounds in his daily life.